lights, camera, action!

Video production

Monkube's Blastball

production manager, director of photography, editor

Together with two of my former classmates from MAD-Fac, we created a promotional video for Monkube’s game Blastball. We had a great time preparing for and filming this commercial. We used our own equipment to film, direct and edit the video. Script and voice-over were provided by other parties.

Tony Mergan - Chocolatier

production manager, director of photography, camera operator, editor, voice-over actress

Part documentary, part commercial, I created a short video to inform people about Tony Mergan’s chocolatier business and how to make pralines.


production manager, script writer, animator, editor, voice-over actress

Together with two of my classmates, we created a pseudo-documentary for a school project I was working on at the time.

Morning songs

script writer, production manager, actress, editor, camera operator

The goal here was to experiment with the technical possibilities my DSLR-camera had to offer. This video is actually stop-motion, a quick series of photographs. The idea was to relate a part of a particular song to every part of a person’s morning routine.